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Common National RV Dolphin Problems

Common National RV Dolphin Problems

If you own a National RV Dolphin, chances are you’ve encountered some common problems. From electrical issues to water leaks, this article will cover the most commonly reported problems with the Dolphin motorhome and provide useful tips on how to tackle them. Whether you’re just starting out with your RV or have had it for years, read on to learn more about common National RV Dolphin Problems and what you can do to solve them.

Interior Roof Problem

One of the most common problems reported with National RV Dolphins is an interior roof leak. This can be caused by improperly sealed seams, missing caulking or worn rubber seals. Fortunately, this is usually an easy fix involving resealing the seams and making sure any openings are properly filled with caulking. It’s important to remember that water always finds a way in and if you’re not sure of the source, it could be worth hiring a professional to help find the cause. [1]

Interior Roof Problem

The poor angle of the fuel pipe

One problem with the National RV Dolphin is that it can often have a poor angle of the fuel pipe. This can cause issues such as stalling, and reduced engine performance. To fix this issue, you should first check to make sure the fuel tank is properly mounted and secured. If not, then adjust it until it’s in the correct position. Additionally, you should also check to see if the fuel filter is clogged or dirty; if so, replace it with a new one. If none of these solutions work, it could be an issue with the fuel pump itself and may require professional attention. [1]

Faults in electrical systems

Common National RV Dolphin Problems can also include faults in the electrical system. It is important to check all of your wiring and fuses regularly to ensure that everything works as it should. Electrical issues can arise if the wires become corroded, or if a circuit breaker trips. If you notice any sparks or strange smells coming from your electrical components, it is important to get them checked out by a qualified electrician as soon as possible.

Troubleshooting electrical issues can be tricky and requires expertise in the field. If you are not comfortable in dealing with these kinds of problems yourself, it is best to have a professional take care of them for you. Additionally, if your motorhome is older, it may be beneficial to have a tech inspect the entire system for any potential issues. [1]

Engine issues

The National RV Dolphin is powered by a Ford V10 engine, which is known for being reliable and strong. However, there are some common issues that can arise with it. The most common problem is with the spark plugs, which can become worn or fouled over time and affect the performance of the engine. If this happens, it’s best to replace them as soon as possible. Additionally, the engine may not be getting enough fuel due to a clogged fuel filter or an issue with the fuel pump. Both of these can easily be checked and repaired if necessary. Lastly, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance such as oil changes and coolant flushes in order to ensure that the engine runs smoothly. [1]

Failure of real axle bearings

One of the most common problems experienced with National RV Dolphins is the failure of real axle bearings. This can be a dangerous problem that should never be ignored as it could lead to serious vehicle damage or even an accident. Most often, this type of failure is caused by excessive heat and lack of lubrication on the bearings, which causes them to seize up. It can also be caused by a failure in the bearing itself, such as rusting or cracking of the material.

The best way to avoid this problem is to regularly inspect and service the axle bearings and ensure that they are clean and properly lubricated at all times. If you suspect the bearings may be failing, it is important to replace them immediately as this can prevent further damage to the vehicle. If you have any questions, consult a qualified mechanic who is familiar with National RV Dolphins for advice and assistance. [1]

Failure of real axle bearings

Poor Brake Performance

One of the most common problems experienced by owners of National RV Dolphin motorhomes is poor brake performance. This can be caused by a variety of issues, including worn-out brake pads, a bad master cylinder, and worn-out rotors or drums. Be sure to check all brake components before heading out on your next trip! [1]

Rust Prone

Unfortunately, rust is one of the most common issues that owners of National RV Dolphins face. While all RV’s are inherently prone to rust, it is much more likely to occur on a Dolphin if certain preventive measures aren’t taken regularly. Rust typically affects the frame underneath the coach, as well as any exposed metal such as the wheel wells.

It’s important to inspect underneath the RV frequently, and keep the frame clean and well-maintained. It is also important to apply a rust inhibitor or sealant regularly; this will not only help prevent rust from forming but it can potentially prolong the life of your Dolphin. Additionally, painting any bare metal surfaces with a corrosion-resistant paint is also beneficial.

If rust has already begun to form, it’s important to address the issue right away.  Sanding off any flaking or bubbling paint and cleaning the area with a wire brush can be helpful in removing any existing rust. After that, apply a rust converter and/or primer before painting with a rust-proof paint. [1]

Poorly Made with Cheap Materials

Are you having problems with your National RV Dolphin? Are they easy to break or have materials that don’t last long? If yes, then you’re not alone. Many owners have reported similar issues with their RV Dolphin’s construction and materials.

The main problem is that the majority of the National RVs Dolphins are made using cheap materials, resulting in poor quality and durability. This can lead to a range of potential issues such as cracks, leaks, scratches, dents and more.

It is recommended to check the RV Dolphin regularly for any signs of wear and tear and if possible have it inspected by a professional prior to purchase or after significant use. In addition, try to use only high-quality supplies and materials when replacing any parts, as these will be more durable and last longer.

Finally, it’s important to make sure the RV is properly serviced according to manufacturer specifications. Regular servicing can help identify potential problems before they become more serious and costly to fix. [1]

Poorly Made with Cheap Materials

Warranty Does Not Cover Battery

Unfortunately, battery issues are not covered under the warranty of National RV Dolphin. These problems can be costly to replace, however regular maintenance and inspections can help identify any potential issues ahead of time and save you money in the long run. If you find your National RV Dolphin is having battery difficulties, it may be best to have a certified technician inspect and replace the battery if necessary. [1]

Cheap Interiors

The National RV Dolphin is one of the most affordable Class A motorhomes available, but you may find that the interior features are not up to par. The furniture and surfaces in the Dolphin can be quite cheap, prone to wear and tear. To help maintain your RV’s interior, try using a fabric protectant spray on your furniture and regularly cleaning surfaces with a soft cloth and gentle cleaner. Additionally, investing in slipcovers or floor mats can extend the life of your furniture and carpets. With proper maintenance, you can help ensure that the interior of your Dolphin stays looking great for years to come. [1]

Automatic Leveling Does Not Always Work

If your National RV Dolphin is equipped with an automatic leveling system, you may find that it doesn’t always work as expected. One of the most common issues is overshooting the desired level, which can cause some annoying side effects like shaking and vibrating. It’s also possible for an RV to tilt too far in one direction or the other, resulting in uneven weight distribution.

The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to check the sensors and make sure they are properly calibrated for the terrain you are on. If necessary, use a leveler tool or even manually adjust the jacks with a drill until you get a flat surface. You can also try resetting the system to its default settings and see if that helps.

If none of these solutions work, you may need to have your leveling system inspected by a qualified technician. Make sure all the components are working properly and that everything is adjusted correctly for optimal performance. [1]

Severe Water Leakage

Unfortunately, one of the more common issues faced by owners of National RV Dolphin motorhomes is severe water leakage. This can be caused by a variety of things, including roof damage, poor seals around windows and doors, and even structural damage to your RV’s frame. If you’re seeing large amounts of water coming into your RV or if you start to notice musty, damp odors, it’s important to take action immediately.

The first step is to locate the source of the water leak and fix the problem as soon as possible. If the damage appears minor (such as a small crack in your window seal), you may be able to do this yourself with some basic supplies. However, if you’re dealing with more serious damage (such as a broken roof seam or structural frame damage), it’s best to contact a professional for help. [1]

Severe Water Leakage

Poor Kitchen Plumbing

Poor kitchen plumbing is one of the most common problems encountered with National RV Dolphin motorhomes. It’s important to remember that a well-maintained and serviced kitchen will help keep your motorhome running smoothly.

When it comes to the plumbing in your motorhome, there are a few basic steps you can take to ensure everything is in good working order.

First, check the pipes and hoses for any signs of clogs. Clogged pipes can cause slow draining sinks, showers and toilets as well as bad odors coming from the kitchen area. If you find clogs, you should use a plumbing snake or other plumbing tool to try to free them.

Second, check all the connections to ensure they are secure and free of leaks. Any leaking connections should be tightened up or replaced as needed. If a connection isn’t tight enough, it can lead to water damage and other issues down the line.

Third, inspect the seals around faucets and showerheads for any cracks or signs of wear. Cracks can lead to water damage, mold and mildew buildup, and other issues over time.

Finally, inspect the drains for any clogs or debris build-up that could cause slow draining in the kitchen area. If you find any debris, it should be carefully removed with a plumber’s snake or other plumbing tool. [1]

Delamination of paint

One of the most common issues with National RV Dolphins is delamination of their paint and fiberglass. This means that the gelcoat or exterior paint layer begins to separate from the fiberglass beneath it. Delamination can be caused by a number of factors, including water damage, age, improper maintenance, incorrect cleaning products and more. If left untreated, the problem can spread and cause further damage to your RV Dolphin. [1]

Issue with brakes

Brakes are essential for any vehicle, and this is especially true for an RV. Unfortunately, brakes can be prone to wear and tear over time. One of the most common issues with National RV Dolphins is problems with the brakes.

It is important to inspect them regularly to detect any abnormalities such as unevenness in pedal pressure or unusual noises. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s best to take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic immediately.

Other signs that the brakes need attention include excessive vibration when braking, low pedal height, spongy feel when applying them, and grinding or squealing noises. A good way to keep your brakes in top condition is to have them inspected and serviced by a professional on a regular basis. [1]

Poor installation of the rear axle

One of the most common National RV Dolphin problems is a poorly installed rear axle. This can cause alignment issues, which leads to tire wear and poor handling of the vehicle. To check if the rear axle has been properly installed, look for signs such as: uneven tire wear or misalignment between tires, worn or missing bushings, loose wheel bearings, and rusty or corroded components.

If you find any of these signs, have a professional mechanic inspect the axle and make sure it is properly secured. They may need to replace several components to ensure a safe installation. [1]

Broken drawers

Drawers and compartments are an essential part of any RV. Unfortunately, they can be prone to breaking or wearing out over time. If you find that your Dolphin is having problems with its drawers or compartments, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Check the hardware – Make sure all the screws, brackets and other hardware are tightened properly.
  2. Inspect for splits or breaks – Look for any cracks or splits in the drawers or compartments that need to be repaired or replaced.
  3. Replace worn parts – Replace any worn out hinges, handles, locks and other parts that may contribute to drawer problems.[1]

Broken drawers


Who makes national Dolphin motorhomes?

National RV is the manufacturer of Dolphin motorhomes. The company has been in business since the early 1970s and is based in Perris, California.

How long is a Toyota Dolphin RV?

The Toyota Dolphin RV is usually 30 feet in length from the front bumper to the back bumper. The exact size will vary depending on the model, but most are between 27 and 32 feet long.

Are Toyota motorhomes reliable?

Toyota motorhomes are generally very reliable. The Dolphin models are built with quality materials and construction, which makes them a popular choice among RVers. Many owners report that their Dolphins remain in good condition for years, even after heavy usage. However, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance to ensure your Toyota motorhome stays in top condition.

What class motorhome is a Toyota Dolphin?

The Toyota Dolphin is a Class A motorhome. These are typically the most luxurious and spacious of all motorhomes, and can come with many features such as slide-outs, entertainment centers, luxury interiors, and more.

What are the top 5 Class A motorhomes?

The top 5 Class A motorhomes are: 1. Winnebago Adventurer, 2. Fleetwood Bounder, 3. Newmar Dutch Star, 4. Tiffin Allegro Bus, and 5. Thor Motor Coach Tuscany. All of these models offer luxury interiors and features such as slide-outs, spacious kitchens, and entertainment centers. The National RV Dolphin is also a popular choice among motorhome shoppers.

What mileage do Toyota motorhomes get?

Toyota motorhomes can get an average of around 10 miles per gallon. This mileage will vary depending on the model, as some models may be more efficient than others. It is important to keep up with regular maintenance to ensure your Toyota motorhome runs as efficiently as possible.

Which is Better, a Class B or Class C motorhome?

Class B and Class C motorhomes both have their advantages. The Class B is typically smaller and more affordable, while the Class C offers more space and amenities. It ultimately depends on your individual needs as to which type of motorhome is best for you.  National RV Dolphin models are Class A motorhomes, so if you’re looking for more space and luxury, then the Dolphin is a great option.

Who builds the highest quality motorhome?

It is difficult to say which manufacturer builds the highest quality motorhomes, as there are many different brands and models on the market. However, National RV has a long-standing reputation for building quality vehicles that stand up to the demands of RVers. Their Dolphin motorhomes have been popular since their introduction in the early 1970s and are noted for their reliability, comfort, and stylish design.  In addition to the Dolphin, National RV also manufactures other Class A motorhomes such as the Sea Breeze and Beachcomber.

Why is Class C bigger than Class B?

Class C motorhomes are typically larger than Class B motorhomes due to their extra amenities and features. Class C models usually come with slide-outs, an extra sleeping area, a dinette, and other luxury features that make them more spacious and comfortable than the smaller Class B models.  National RV Dolphin models are in the Class A category, making them even larger than the Class C motorhomes.

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No matter what type of Class A motorhome you have, all RV owners should strive to keep their vehicle in top shape. Keeping up with routine maintenance, inspecting for potential issues, and taking care of any problems as soon as they arise can go a long way towards helping your National RV Dolphin stay healthy and safe. With the information provided here, you can confidently tackle any of the issues that may arise while on the road. Whether it’s a leaky roof or a faulty electrical system, there are plenty of ways to get your RV back in shape and running smoothly.

We hope this guide has been helpful in identifying common National RV Dolphin problems and how to solve them. Safe travels!


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