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RV Furniture Ideas

RV Furniture Ideas

Whether you’re an adventurous soul who loves to explore the great outdoors, or a family of five looking for a cozy getaway, transforming your RV into a home can help make the most out of your travels. But furnishing an RV can be tricky; not only do you have to make sure that everything fits within your confined space, but you also have to find ways to maximize your RV’s potential and make it feel just like home. Fortunately, with these creative RV furniture ideas, any traveler can turn their recreational vehicle into a comfortable dwelling.

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What furniture should you buy for your RV?

When it comes to furnishing your RV, there are a few essentials that you should consider. A comfortable bed is an absolute must, as this will be the main place you rest and relax while on the road. If space allows, you can also add some accent furniture such as a sofa or armchair for extra comfort.

Additionally, having a table and chairs set up inside your RV can provide a great spot to eat meals or enjoy cards and games with friends. You can choose from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or plastic to suit your style.

Storage solutions like shelves and drawers can help keep all the items in your RV organized and easy to access. Depending on your needs, you can select pieces that are lightweight and easily moveable, or heavier-duty options that will remain securely in place.

To make the most of limited storage space in an RV, look for multi-purpose furniture pieces such as ottomans that double as storage containers or sofas that have hidden sleepers underneath. Folding furniture pieces are also ideal for RVs, as they can be tucked away when not in use. For example, folding chairs, tables, and even beds can provide extra seating and sleeping space without taking up too much room.

Finally, make sure to include plenty of accessories and decorative items to give your RV a homey feel. Throw pillows, blankets, rugs, curtains, and wall art can help create a cozy atmosphere that will make you want to stay in your RV longer!

What furniture should you buy

What to Consider Before Buying RV Furniture

Measurement and Space

When shopping for new RV furniture, it’s important to measure your space. You’ll need to ensure that the furniture you choose will fit into your designated area and provide enough room for comfort. Measure the area where the furniture is going to be placed, including height from floor to ceiling. This will help you determine what type of piece or pieces will work best in your RV living space. For example, if you have a booth-style dinette, look for one with the right dimensions to fit your area.

Material Selection

When choosing furniture, consider what type of material will work best in an RV environment. Different types of materials come with different levels of durability and wear resistance. Some materials such as vinyl and leather may be better suited for RV living since they are more resistant to wear and tear than other fabrics. Other materials such as microfiber or fabric may also be good options depending on the type of piece you’re looking for. Consider factors such as how often you’ll use the furniture, how much storage space it has, and whether it needs to hold up against moisture or extreme temperatures.

Flexible Pieces

Another important factor to consider when choosing furniture for your RV is flexibility. Consider pieces that are adjustable or can be reconfigured according to the size of your space. For example, a sectional sofa may have multiple parts that can be arranged in different configurations depending on how much room you have available. Look for pieces with features such as folding chairs and tables or modular designs that allow you to customize your layout.

Weight and Durability

Due to the limited weight capacity of RVs, it’s important to consider how much each piece of furniture weighs before deciding on a purchase. It’s also essential to think about durability and materials when selecting RV furnishings as they will often experience more wear and tear than those found in a traditional home setting. Look for furniture made of high-quality materials such as hardwood, aluminum, and stainless steel. Additionally, look for pieces with moisture-proof or water-resistant fabric and cushioning to protect against spills and other accidents that can occur on the road.

Weight and Durability

Style, Comfort, and Fabrics

When selecting RV furniture, it’s essential to choose pieces that not only look great but are also comfortable. Look for pieces with plush cushioning and supportive backrests for maximum comfort. Additionally, don’t forget to consider the fabrics used to cover your furniture; you’ll want something that is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Finally, take into account personal style when shopping as there is a myriad of styles available in today’s market from traditional and classic looks to modern and contemporary ones.

Storage and Versatility

Consider how much storage space you’ll need when selecting RV furniture. Look for pieces that provide multiple functions such as a sofa bed or an ottoman with built-in storage capabilities. This type of furniture can save both space and money while providing the necessary storage to help keep your RV organized and clutter-free.


Finally, when shopping for RV furniture it’s important to compare prices and find the best deal you can. Don’t forget to take into account shipping costs, delivery charges, taxes, and warranties when budgeting for your purchase. Doing your research ahead of time can help save money in the long run and ensure that you get the best piece of furniture for your recreational vehicle. On average, the furniture set for an RV can cost between $2,000 – $3,000 [1].


RV Furniture Ideas

Captain’s Chairs and Recliners

Captain’s chairs are perfect for an RV. They provide comfortable seating while allowing you to maximize space. Recliners are also great options as they can recline into a variety of positions. These chairs come in all shapes and sizes, so it is easy to find one that fits your needs.

Convertible Sofas and Coffee Tables

A convertible sofa is the perfect way to create extra sleeping space when needed. It can easily be folded down into a bed or unfolded for seating during the day. A coffee table offers both a stylish look and functionality, providing you with somewhere to set drinks or meals while relaxing in your RV.

Sleeper Sofas and Bunk Beds

Sleeper sofas are great for RVs, as they provide extra sleeping space when needed. Bunk beds are a fantastic way to maximize limited space in an RV. They provide additional sleeping options without taking up too much room and easily be tucked away when not in use.

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions such as drawers, shelves, and cabinets are essential for keeping your RV organized and clutter-free. Utilizing the space under furniture is also a great way to store items that don’t need to be accessed regularly. This will help keep your RV organized while allowing you to maximize its storage capabilities.

Storage Solutions

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is also important for making the most of your RV experience. A few chairs and a table can provide comfortable seating, while portable BBQs allow you to enjoy outdoor cooking. Investing in some weatherproof furniture pieces will also ensure your RV is ready for any climate.

RV Dining Sets

RV dining sets are great for creating a comfortable space to enjoy meals. You can choose from many different styles, including folding tables and chairs that easily fit inside your RV. This is an ideal option for small spaces as it helps create a cozy atmosphere while still maximizing space [2].

A Nine-Step Plan to Upgrade Tired RV Furniture

Give yourself time to plan.

RV furniture is typically designed for comfort and durability, but after several years the materials can start to show signs of wear and tear. To update tired RV furniture, begin by taking an inventory of what you have to work with, and then take a few moments to consider how you want your space to look when the project is complete.

Consider re-covering existing furniture.

Sometimes a simple fabric change is all you need to give your RV an updated look. Not only does this save time, but it can also be cost-effective as well. Choose durable fabrics that complement the other items in your RV and consider adding accent pillows or throws for a more cohesive effect.

Measure everything and then measure again

Before you purchase new fabric or furniture, take a few moments to measure the existing pieces. Measure both the width and length of each piece as well as any other relevant measurements like seat depth or arm height. This will ensure that any new purchases fit your RV perfectly.

Think about rearranging existing furniture

If your RV is feeling cramped and cluttered, consider rearranging the existing furniture. Not only can this create a more spacious feel, but it also allows you to use the space in new ways. It might be helpful to sketch out a few different arrangements on paper before moving anything around.

Know what you’re looking for

Once you’ve taken inventory of what you have, it’s time to start shopping. Take a few moments to consider the type of furniture that would work best with your space. Think about pieces that are lightweight and easy to move, yet still offer maximum support and comfort.

Know what you’re looking for

Look for items that double as storage solutions

One way to maximize the available space in your RV is to look for items that also offer storage solutions. Many RV furniture pieces come with hidden cupboards, drawers or compartments that can be used for additional storage.

Plan ahead for any potential plumbing needs

If you’re planning on adding new bathroom fixtures or sinks, make sure you plan ahead for any potential plumbing needs. This is a great way to ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible and can even help you save money in the long run.

Take your time on the installation process

Once you’ve purchased all of the necessary furniture pieces, take your time in the installation process. Carefully read all instructions before getting started and consider hiring a professional if needed. This will help ensure that everything is installed properly and securely.

Add personal touches with accessories

Finally, add some personal touches with accessories like lamps, rugs, or wall art to complete the look of your RV. These small details will go a long way toward creating an inviting atmosphere for you and any guests. With these nine steps, you’ll be able to spruce up your tired RV furniture and create a cozy space you’ll love coming home to.

What to avoid when designing an RV with furniture?

  1. Bed sizes that are too large and take up too much space – Choose a bed that fits your needs but does not overwhelm the room.
  2. Overly complicated furniture designs – Stick to simple, classic pieces that are easy to maintain and clean.
  3. Bulky cabinets and dressers – Choose furniture pieces that offer ample storage without taking up too much space in the RV.
  4. Too many colors or patterns – Pick a few main colors and stick to those for consistency throughout the design of the RV’s interior décor.
  5. Furniture with sharp corners or edges – Look for rounded edges or pieces with soft lines so as to avoid any potential safety hazards in the RV.
  6. Cluttered furniture arrangements – Make sure that each piece of furniture has its own space and does not conflict with any other elements in the room for a more pleasant atmosphere.
  7. Poorly made or uncomfortable pieces – Invest in quality pieces that will last longer and provide comfort for occupants while traveling.
  8. Too much emphasis on trends – Be careful when incorporating trendy design elements to make sure they can stand the test of time without going out of style too quickly [3].

What to avoid when designing


Can I put regular furniture in my RV?

Yes, you can put regular furniture in your RV. However, it is important to make sure that the furniture fits properly and safely inside the RV so that it does not impede movement or cause any damage to the walls or fixtures. Additionally, you should consider using lightweight furniture pieces that are designed specifically for use in RVs as they will be more compact and easier to handle during transport. Finally, if possible, try to avoid adding too many items of furniture to an RV as this can quickly start to crowd the space and make it difficult for occupants to move around comfortably.

What type of maintenance do I need to do on my RV?

Regular maintenance is necessary for all types of RVs to keep them running smoothly and reliably. This includes inspecting and servicing the RV’s engine, fluids, tires, brakes, filters, and hoses regularly. Additionally, it is important to inspect the interior of the RV for any signs of wear or damage such as mold and mildew growth as well as check that all electrical components are functioning properly. Finally, it is also a good idea to keep an eye out for any pests or animals in the RV that may have invaded the space.

Can I customize my RV?

Yes! There are many ways you can customize your RV to make it feel like home. From adding furniture pieces specific to your style to customizing paint colors and decals – there are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your RV. You can also add various appliances such as a microwave, refrigerator, and even a dishwasher to make the space feel more like home. Additionally, there are many accessories you can purchase to further customize your RV and make it truly unique.

Why is RV furniture so expensive?

RV furniture is often more expensive than regular household furniture for a few reasons. Firstly, it needs to be specifically designed to fit within the space constraints of an RV which can add costs. Additionally, the materials used in RV furniture may also need to be lighter and sturdier than regular furniture due to the nature of travel involved with RVs. Finally, there is also the added cost of labor that goes into constructing each piece of furniture – something which is not always taken into consideration when comparing prices between different types of furniture.

Overall, while RV furniture may seem expensive at first glance, the benefits that come with its quality construction and design make it worth the price tag in most cases.

Are there any special considerations I should keep in mind when shopping for RV furniture?

Yes, there are some important points to consider when shopping for RV furniture. Firstly, you need to make sure the pieces you purchase fit properly within the space of your specific RV. Additionally, it is a good idea to purchase lightweight and durable pieces that can easily be moved around if needed. You also want to look for furniture with extra storage capabilities or which can be folded away when not in use. Finally, it is wise to look for furniture items that have waterproofing treatments as these will help protect against mold and mildew growth while on the road.

Do you have to use RV furniture?

No, you do not have to use exclusively RV furniture in your RV. If preferred, you can also purchase regular household furniture and make modifications to it so that it fits the space of your RV. However, if you want a setup that is specifically designed for RVs then purchasing quality RV furniture is recommended. This will ensure that the pieces fit properly in your RV and provide maximum comfort and convenience when traveling.

Do you have to use RV furniture?

Can I install a washer/dryer in my RV?

Yes, installing a washer/dryer in an RV is possible, however, you need to ensure that the electrical and plumbing systems in your RV can handle the extra load. Additionally, it is important to make sure that there is enough space for a washer/dryer unit and that you purchase a model that is specifically designed for use in RVs as these will be smaller and lighter than regular units. Finally, you should also check with local regulations concerning the installation of washers/dryers in RVs as some areas may require additional permits or inspections before allowing such an installation.

Are there any special rules or regulations around driving an RV?

Yes, certain state laws govern how RVs can be driven on public roads. Generally speaking, all drivers must adhere to the same rules of the road as normal cars and trucks. Additionally, most states require drivers to obtain a special license or endorsement for driving an RV. It is also important to keep in mind that RVs have specific speed limits depending on their size and weight – this should be taken into consideration when planning your journey. Finally, it is wise to check with local authorities before taking your RV out on the roads as there may be additional regulations that you need to be aware of.

What materials can RV furniture be made of?

RV furniture can be made from a variety of materials depending on the type and purpose of the piece. Common materials include wood, metal, foam, and fabrics such as vinyl or leather. Additionally, many RV furniture pieces are also designed to be lightweight so that they can easily be moved around on the road. Ultimately, you should consider your own needs when selecting materials for your RV furniture – comfort and durability should always be top priorities.

What type of wood is used in RV?

The type of wood used in RV construction can vary from one product to another. Generally speaking, some of the most commonly used woods for RVs are oak, maple, pine, and mahogany. These types of wood are known for their strength and durability as well as their aesthetic appeal. However, it is important to check with the manufacturer when selecting a specific wood for your RV furniture as different products may require different grades or types of wood.

Are there any tips or tricks that make it easier to decorate an RV?

Yes! When decorating an RV, it is important to keep in mind the limited space available and how you can use this space efficiently. Some helpful tips include using multi-functional pieces such as ottomans that can be used for both seating and storage, purchasing furniture with built-in storage capabilities, and using wall hangings instead of large furniture pieces. Additionally, if you are planning on taking your RV on the road, it is a good idea to keep decorations light and portable so they can easily be moved around when needed. Finally, don’t forget to have fun – decorating an RV should be an enjoyable experience!

What is the best material for RV seats?

When it comes to RV seats, comfort is key! The best materials for RV seats include foam padding and breathable fabrics such as leather or vinyl. These materials provide cushioning while also allowing air to circulate, preventing the build-up of heat and sweat. Additionally, if you choose a waterproof fabric then you can help keep your RV clean and comfortable during extended trips. Ultimately, the material choice will depend on your personal preference but comfort should always be the primary factor when selecting seating for an RV.

Why is RV furniture more expensive than regular furniture?

RV furniture is typically more expensive than regular household furniture due to its specialized design and construction. RV furniture pieces are engineered to be lightweight yet durable, allowing them to stand up to the rigors of life on the road. Additionally, most RV furniture pieces feature extra storage capabilities or have been designed to fold away when not in use – features that are typically not found in traditional household furniture. All of these factors contribute to the higher cost of RV furniture and make it worth the investment for many people.

How to choose the best RV furniture?

When choosing RV furniture, it is important to consider comfort, convenience, and durability. Look for pieces that are designed specifically for RVs as these will fit properly in the space and provide maximum comfort while traveling. Additionally, you want to make sure that all of your furniture pieces have strong construction and quality materials such as foam padding and breathable fabrics. Extra storage capabilities or folding designs may also be beneficial depending on your needs. Ultimately, it is important to look for furniture items that will stand up to life on the road while also providing comfort and convenience.

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Conclusion Paragraph

RV furniture is an excellent way to add comfort and style to any recreational vehicle. They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials so that anyone can find something that suits their needs and budget. With proper care, RV furniture can last for years and provide many years of enjoyment and relaxation. Whether you are looking for luxury or affordability, there is sure to be a great option out there for you. So, don’t settle for a plain interior when it comes to your RV; get creative with the furniture you choose! Your guests will no doubt appreciate the upgrade in comfort and design.

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