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How Much Does an RV Cost?

How Much Does an RV Cost?

More and more people, in pursuit of peace, away from cities and noisy resorts, are choosing independent road trips. There are quite a few organized auto camping now. Most of them are in the forest and near the sea coast. Besides, during open-air events, equipped places for caravanners have become an obligatory part of their infrastructure.

But buying an RV is not a cheap pleasure. Even a used recreation vehicle costs at least $13,000. Experienced users say that buying such a vehicle will be profitable if you cannot imagine life without long car trips to other countries and spend at least two months traveling with the whole family in a year.

But if you do not plan to travel for months, and you need a campsite for two weeks once a year, you can rent it. At the same time, keep in mind that if you are going abroad on a caravan, warn the lessor about this (some rental companies require you to coordinate the route with them in advance) and demand from him a certificate of vehicle registration in your name. You must return this certificate within 10 days after your return from abroad. Also, to legally cross the border, you will need a compulsory insurance contract issued in your name. We figured out what conditions you can rent a campsite.

How to buy RV correctly

Decide on the choice of vehicle. One of the most obvious but difficult points. In addition to the price, you need to take into account a lot of nuances. We will try to tell you about the most important ones. A modern motorhome can be:

  • Self-propelled (motorized);
  • Look like a big trailer.

Types of recreation vehicle

RVs are divided into motorized and trailers. Motorized, in turn, are:

Class A – buses. Large and comfortable, but voracious. This class weighs the most. This RV can accommodate my passengers, there is a lot of space, you can have a good rest and sleep. Some RVs in this class can reach 45 feet in length, and the shortest RVs are often 25 feet.

In such a trailer, you can find two king-size beds and possibly bunk beds for children. It is very convenient because everyone will have a comfortable sleeping place.

These trailers have the highest ceilings. If you are tall, then you will be comfortable in such a PB. There are also many closets for storing clothes, shoes, food, and equipment. Many of them are visible, but some are put forward and hidden.

Also, there are many ways to increase the living space of a mobile home. This can be done by small pull-out boxes that are designed to store things. These boxes are usually installed in the kitchen area or bedroom. Also, a retractable bay window can be installed along the entire length of the wall of one of the area-rooms of the motorhome. Yet these luxury mobile homes have one drawback – the amount of fuel they use. Class A motorhomes are divided into two types depending on fuel: motorhomes that run on diesel and motorhomes that run on gasoline. The price will also depend on this. For example, Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 35M Class A Motorhome costs $144,675, or the 2019 Jayco Embark 37MB Class A Motorhome will cost you $295,200+.

Class B – minivans, suitable for a couple. Of the three RV classes, these are the lightest mobile homes. This trailer can comfortably accommodate 2-3 passengers. Such a house offers a single queen-size or king-size bed. In some, you can find a sofa bed. There is much less space here, but you can still fit all the essentials on the shelves. There are not many windows in a house like this, but it is the cheapest type of camper. Therefore it is beneficial.

Class C. This is a mobile home in which the space is above the cab with a berth. Perhaps the best option for traveling with a company of 2-4 people. In terms of money, a motorhome in this class will be more expensive than a class B motorhome, but not as expensive as a class A motorhome. Most often, these options cost a little less than six figures.

There is little room in these RVs. Where the bedroom should be, there will be a hanging bed, maybe a second queen-size or king-size bed. This RV will be comfortable for two people. Driving such a house is also much easier. These RVs are 24 feet long. You will find a place to store clothes, groceries, and all the essentials. There is also a kitchen, shower, and toilet.

What do you pay attention for before buying?

The categories are completely different in terms of cost and capacity. When choosing, you need to consider the number of travelers. The more there are, the more the motorhome should be. A trailed model is enough for two people. But a large family in such transport will be cramped. Trailed models rarely have comfortable conditions. Don’t expect a shower or toilet. The minimum set is water, gas, a small stove for cooking, a compact bed. In terms of manufacturability and free space, trailers are inferior to autonomous motorhomes.

The main advantage of such a house is its low initial cost. But there are also enough cons. Firstly, it is rather difficult to travel comfortably in such a house. Secondly, you need a quality tractor to transport heavy motorhomes. If one has already been purchased, there are fewer problems. Otherwise, you will have to buy a pickup or SUV right away, and there is already a trailer for it.

Choose the RV brand

In America, more than 10 thousand motorhomes are sold monthly for every taste and budget. At auctions, you can find standalone models, trailers, and simpler trailers. Local brands have an undeniable advantage and are ahead of European models. Today automakers Ford, Chevrolet, American-Motors sell comfortable and safe motorhomes.

If renting a mobile home is not for you, then you should consider buying it. Buying a mobile home depends on the type of home.

  • Price from $10.000 – $50.000
  • Price from $50.000- $120.000
  • Price from $5.000 – $10.000

As you can see, the cost varies from 12 thousand dollars to 280,000+ The purchase budget should be calculated in advance and very carefully. The amount will depend on the condition of the vehicle, its mileage, year of manufacture, and the nature of the damage. The best choice would be a motorhome without an accident. Transport under 20 years old will cost about 12-15 thousand dollars. Older models will cost about half the price. Brand new good options will cost at least $ 30,000. The price for elite options starts at $ 50,000.

Important points when choosing

Good motorhomes are found in almost all states. But it is necessary to give preference to transport from the southern part of the country. Low temperatures in the north and changes in humidity quickly wear out a car, not only outside, but also inside. Hurricanes and floods are also common in the east, so versions with damage from above (after branches fall), overturned, or flooded models are often sold.

Some sites sell profitable options with excellent finishes inside, oak kitchens, expensive bedroom sets. Above-average RVs usually offer extra space (retractable walls). During stopover and parking, the bedroom can be enlarged slightly. Solar panels on the roof will allow you to quickly charge small appliances or use energy to operate a refrigerator or air conditioner. Along with the motorhome, they often sell various useful things for tourism, for example, extension cords, hoses, camping tables and chairs, repair tools, spare parts.

Comparative Analysis: RV Costs

RVs, or recreational vehicles, offer a comfortable and flexible way to travel and explore the great outdoors. The cost of an RV can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the type of RV, its size, features, and overall condition. This table provides a comparative analysis of different RVs based on their cost, mileage, and age.

RV Type Price Range (USD) Average Mileage Average Age (years)
Class A Motorhome $100,000 – $500,000 8 – 12 mpg 5 – 10
Class B Camper Van $50,000 – $150,000 14 – 18 mpg 3 – 8
Class C Motorhome $70,000 – $200,000 10 – 14 mpg 4 – 9
Travel Trailer $10,000 – $150,000 N/A 1 – 20
Fifth Wheel $20,000 – $200,000 N/A 1 – 20
Pop-up Camper $5,000 – $20,000 N/A 1 – 15

In the table above, we have compared different types of RVs based on their price range, average mileage, and average age. Please note that the price ranges provided are approximate and can vary based on factors such as brand, model, condition, and optional features. Mileage represents the average number of miles per gallon (mpg) these RVs typically achieve, and the average age indicates the typical age range you might find when considering used RVs.

It’s important to do thorough research and consider your specific needs and budget before purchasing an RV. Factors such as maintenance costs, fuel consumption, and additional expenses should also be taken into account when evaluating the overall affordability of an RV.


What are the factors that influence the cost of an RV?

The cost of an RV can vary depending on factors such as the type of RV (motorhome, travel trailer, camper van), its size, brand, model, features, and any additional customization or upgrades.

Are new RVs more expensive than used ones?

In general, new RVs tend to be more expensive than used ones. However, the price difference can vary based on factors such as the age, condition, and popularity of the specific model.

What is the price range for motorhomes?

Motorhomes can range in price from around $50,000 for smaller, basic models to several hundred thousand dollars for larger, luxury models with advanced features and amenities.

How much does a travel trailer typically cost?

The cost of a travel trailer can vary widely depending on its size, features, and brand. Generally, travel trailers can range in price from $10,000 for smaller and simpler models to $80,000 or more for larger, high-end trailers.

What is the average cost of a camper van?

Camper vans can have a wide price range depending on their size, brand, and features. On average, you can expect to pay between $40,000 and $100,000 for a new camper van. However, used camper vans can be found at lower prices.

Do RV prices vary based on the location?

Yes, RV prices can vary based on the location and local market conditions. Factors such as supply and demand, regional availability, and dealer pricing strategies can influence the cost of RVs in different areas.

Are there any additional costs to consider besides the purchase price?

Yes, besides the purchase price, there are additional costs to consider when owning an RV. These may include insurance, maintenance and repairs, fuel or propane expenses, campground or parking fees, licensing and registration fees, and any necessary upgrades or modifications.

Can I finance the purchase of an RV?

Yes, many lenders offer financing options for purchasing an RV. You can choose to finance the entire purchase price or make a down payment and finance the remaining amount. The terms and interest rates can vary based on your credit score, loan duration, and the lender.

Is it possible to negotiate the price of an RV?

In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate the price of an RV, especially if you are buying from a private seller or a dealer who is willing to negotiate. However, it’s important to research and compare prices to have a better understanding of the fair market value before attempting to negotiate.

Are there any hidden costs associated with buying an RV?

While not necessarily hidden, there are additional costs that you should consider when buying an RV. These can include taxes, dealer fees, extended warranties, storage costs, and the cost of necessary accessories and equipment to make the RV fully functional.

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In the United States, an average of 200,000 RVs are sold annually, excluding motorhomes, and the market is about $12-17 billion. In Europe, trailers are even more popular – about 360 thousand units are sold there annually. In our article, we tried to talk about the features of the choice and approximate prices for each RV class.

Buying a motorhome or caravan from the United States is a profitable investment in your comfort outside the home. And for those who are not going to travel, but want to settle down on their site, you can buy a cottage trailer. Since living in a van is common in America, there are always a lot of offers on the local market.

You can buy a used mobile home in different trim levels. Previously, the filling was limited to sleeping space and minimal furniture, and the kitchen and sink were mobile. Now air conditioners, multimedia centers, household appliances, a bathroom, water, and waste water tanks are the norm.